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Bobo Buddy About Us

There are few things that can comfort and soothe a baby like their pacifier. I learned this quickly after giving birth to triplets in 2008. Along with the countless diapers, blankies, and bottles I kept stocked in the house, were dozens of pacifiers or "Bobos" as my mother had always called them. My girls loved them, but like most mothers, I found myself waking up throughout the night to retrieve lost pacifiers hiding in dark crib corners.

After the birth of my daughter, Elizabeth, in 2009, I decided a change was in order. I came up with the idea of creating a plush toy that could be connected to most pacifiers on the market. And so the Bobo Buddy was born. Gone were the nights of searching dark cribs for lost Bobos. In addition, the plush and safe toy comforts your baby even after you've put them to bed. Regardless of what brand of pacifier your baby uses, Bobo Buddy has a Buddy for you. And if your baby's pacifier breaks or is dirtied, Bobo Buddy easily detaches for washing. You can switch the Bobo Buddy from one pacifier to another. Bobo Buddy also makes it easier for your baby to hold onto and retrieve their own Bobo! Plus, they're adorable.

Bobo Buddy is also a company that gives back. While I realize Bobo Buddy is a great soother for babies I also realize that everyday in this country children are going to bed with empty bellies. For that reason, we at Bobo Buddy are dedicated to fighting childhood hunger here in America. A portion of the profits from every Bobo Buddy sold is donated to help end childhood hunger. As our slogan states, "Bobo Buddy is committed to soothing babies and bellies, one Bobo Buddy at a time."


Raquel Taylor
Founder of Bobo Budd